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 Rules to Know Before Coming to Aurora Pride

  1. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed into the park. 

  2. Park security will be conducting inspections.

  3. For safety reasons, no glass containers whatsoever.

  4. Bring your own beach chairs, canopies, towels, and sunscreen. 

  5. Since dogs are not allowed on the beaches or in the water, we recommend not bringing your 4-legged friends.

  6. If you bring your dog they must be on a leash no longer than 10’ at all times.

  7. Swimming is permitted in designated areas only. 

  8. Gas motors are prohibited. Only electric trolling motors. No portable gas tanks.

  9. Watercraft Access Pass (WAP) - any vessel that contains a compartment capable of holding water OR any vessel launched or landed via a trailer which enters the water will require a WAP and must go through boat inspection.

  10. Bait - all bait types can be used, but you must have a valid receipt not more than 7 days old for live aquatic-bait.

  11. Charcoal and gas grills are allowed but may not be used on sand beaches or native grass areas. Grills must be located behind the white fence line that marks the beach boundaries. 

  12. No camping or overnight use.

       City of Aurora's complete rules and regulations Rules & Regulations for Parks, Open Spaces & Reservoirs.

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Can I bring outside alcohol, food, or beverages?

You are not allowed to bring outside alcohol, but you are allowed to bring sealed non-alcoholic beverages and food into the event.

Is Aurora Pride ADA-accessible?

Aurora Pride is held at Aurora Reservoir which has a number of great features to make this space more accessible. These features include handicap-accessible parking spots in all three of its beach front lots that are connected to ADA-accessible ramps to the main event space. The reservoir also owns wheelchair-accessible beach paths as well as beach-friendly wheelchairs available to any guests. To get access to these please go by the office or chat with any ranger. 

Is Aurora Pride family-friendly?

Yes, we are! We provide a safe space to the LGBTQ and ally community of all ages.

What does it cost to attend Aurora Pride?

We do not charge to attend the event, but we do charge for parking. To save money you can either carpool or take a ride-share like Uber or Lyft.

Can we smoke at Aurora Pride?

Aurora Pride is a smoke-free event including tobacco, marijuana, and vaping.

Can I take an Uber or Lyft to the event?

Yes! Your rideshare will be let into the event for no fee and can drop you off right at the entrance. This is a great option if you plan on drinking!

What is the difference between the Beach-Front Lots and the Shuttle Lot?

The beach-front lots are the two large parking lots on either side of the event, that have a short walk to the event. This is where you'll need to park if you plan to bring watercraft, easy-ups, or other large gear.

The Shuttle Lot is about a mile from the event next to the race track. We have two shuttles going back and forth to the event with pickups every 10 minutes.

Does Aurora Pride have non-alcoholic drink options?

Yes, we do! At the bars, we will have water and soda. We also have a great food truck called Moovement that serves frozen NA drinks.

What does the Early Access ticket get me? Do I need one per car or one per person?

An Early Access pass gets you into the reservoir as early as 8am to set up your beach picnic. Each person in the car will need this pass, but you will not need to purchase a parking pass and will get Beach Front parking. I'm sorry this is confusing and we will working on making this more streamlined in the future.

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